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Previously considered as simply a necessity whenever renovation or construction work took place, Hoarding panels are now a prime marketing tool, ideal for promoting the construction project.

We print direct to a variety of materials and using different finishes we can produce bespoke hoarding graphics.

Daws Signs has 30+ years of supplying into the construction industry, making us one of the leading signage manufacturers in the UK.

What is Hoarding?

Printed hoarding panels are a temporary protective structure which features a graphic design. Often, the design comes in the form of a hoarding advertisement or a brand logo. Installation of hoarding panels is a simple, cost-effective way of creating advertising space while enhancing safety, security, and privacy.

There are many advantages to choosing printed hoarding boards. The large format graphic hoardings are cost-effective and extremely sturdy. Hoarding panel printing is an effective promotional tool and aid in improving the overall safety of the area.

Daw Signs offer a complete in-house hoarding printing, design, and installation service.

Take advantage of advertising real estate

Make effective use of building site hoardings during construction or renovation work by featuring your brand identity or marketing messages.

Advertising hoardings get your development noticed create a buzz, allowing you to showcase the opportunity behind the screen 24/7 before, during and leading up to launch.

Here at Daw Signs, we offer a full project management service, from designing the printed site hoarding graphics, through to print and installation. We can also manage the removal and responsible disposal too if required.

With the latest self-adhesive vinyl technology we can wrap most surfaces from vehicles to brick walls to building sites.

Hoarding graphic wraps are amazing creative spaces to run wild with. In busy locations, many thousands of vehicles and pedestrians pass building sites every day. What a great marketing opportunity to reach out and connect with this passing audience.

Custom graphics for your hoarding

A site hoarding doesn’t just present a valuable outdoor advertising opportunity, but also a chance to connect the ‘work in progress’ construction site to the finished project. A hoarding graphic that contains a visual representation of the building being constructed is a great way to demonstrate what the works taking place are for.

There are a number of creative ways this can be approached, such as by creating a physical timeline of the construction project that pedestrians can read and look at as they walk along with it. You could also dedicate specific panels or sections of the hoarding to specific areas of focus, or to different aspects of the building’s intended usage.

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